Pairing conventional plant-based landscape design services with new technologies, architectural methodologies, and artistic conceptualization, BAM delivers complete landscape design services. From urban central parks to waterfront campuses, BAM works in the landscape to construct environments that contribute real value to the places in which we live, thereby allowing cities and individuals to move toward a sustainable relationship with nature.



  • Bam_ballistic_architecture_machine_time_valley_b

    Time Valley

    Time Valley

  • Bam_ballistic_architecture_machine_dh2

    Shimao Quarry Intercontinental Hotel
    Shanghai, China

    BAM is pleased to announce completion of the Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental Hotel in Shanghai. The project is the world’s first hotel descending into a quarry and an iconic example of the architecture working with the landscape. BAM has worked on the project for five years as the landscape architect.

  • Bam_ballistic_architecture_machine_buji2

    Buji Residential featuring the PLAYSCRAPER
    Buji District, Shenzhen, China

    A portmanteau of playground and skyscraper, the playscraper is BAM's hottest new playstructure in South China. Not to be missed, the circus tent playground and racing slides are also outrageously fun.

  • Bam_ballistic_architecture_machine_daxing_west3

    Daxing West Park
    Daxing, Beijing, China

    The Daxing West Park forms the 400m long slender endpiece of BAM's park design in Daxing.

  • Bam_best_landscape_design_daxing_park

    Daxing Park Phase II
    Beijing, China

    Beijing's Daxing district is China's watermelon capital, and now its going to have a 'Cloud Park' designed by BAM.


  • Bam_ballistic_architecture_machine_jiugong

    Beijing, China

    Urban landscape design for subtractive volume architecture massing. Includes three levels of roof landscape and a streetscape.


  • Bam_ballistic_architecture_machine_daxing_entrance

    Daxing Park Phase I
    Beijing, China


  • Finite160x1605


    BAM's collaboration with Peter Walker Partners for the 2013 Beijing Garden Expo.

    有限 / 无限

  • Ronghui_160x160

    Chongqing, China

    A triangular retail plot with almost 11m of elevation change in China's bursting megalopolis Chongqing.

  • 2014

    Indigo Playgrounds
    Beijing, China

    Beijing's coolest playgrounds


  • Bam_ballistic_architecture_machine_five_courtyards

    Five Courtyards
    Shanghai, China

    Surrounded by medium density mixed-use architecture, these five courtyards provide green oases and relief from the singular architectural style.

  • Bam_intercontinental_hong_kong_table3

    3 Museums 1 Square Competition
    Guangzhou, China

    A competition for a major park and associated museums and cultural district a part of Guangzhou's new developing urban axis. A collaboration with UN Studio's Amsterdam office.


    這是一個與UN Studio阿姆斯特丹辦公室共同合作,為廣州新晉開發中的城市軸線上所做的有關文化地塊、中心公園和周邊博物場館的規劃競賽。

  • Bam_nature_gate_160x1606

    Nature Gate Monument
    Nanjing, China

    BAM Competition Entry for 100m tall monument & bridge. The Nature Gate integrates various landscape gestures, vantage points, and sequences into the experience of the monument itself. The surrounding landscape, the foot path across the river, and the monument itself are intertwined into rhythmic and flowing sequences.

  • Bam_ballistic_architecture_machine_biornis_aesthetope_g1

    Lower Manhattan, NY, USA

    An unprecedented achievement in green roof technology, the Biornis Aesthetope design supports a functioning biotope for birds migrating along the Atlantic Coast Flyway.


    作为屋顶花园科技的空前成就,BIORNIS AESTHETOPE设计过程中充分考虑到了楼顶的生态点作用,为沿大西洋沿岸飞行的候鸟提供了休憩场所。本设计位于曼哈顿一个十二层建筑的顶部,从高盛的新总部可以鸟瞰其全景。